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Citiblock 7"x5"

Edge ColourPrint FinishPrice per item
Black EdgedLustre Finsh 1+ £9.99
White EdgedLustre Finsh 1+ £4.99
Black EdgedFibre Base Distinction 1+ £12.49
White EdgedFibre Base Distinction 1+ £12.49
Black EdgedSmooth Art Silk 1+ £12.49
White EdgedSmooth Art Silk 1+ £12.49
Black EdgedPortrait White 1+ £12.49
White EdgedPortrait White 1+ £12.49
Black EdgedMuseum 310 1+ £12.49
White EdgedMuseum 310 1+ £12.49

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New Citiblocks are available with both black and white edges. We also offer a choice of print finish on the front Glossy, Lusture or Pearl (Metallic). Our Citiblocks are a very modern alternative to our Acrylic blocks. Sizes range from 6“x4“ to 36“x12“ More Sizes and edges coming soon! Sizes up to 9x6 are for free standing larger sizes will come with wall fixing attachments so all you need to do is decide where to display it! All are finished with a black back.